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OP-ED: No need for Anchorage to rush into Woronzof land swap

The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail is the crown jewel of the Anchorage park system, an 11-mile trail from downtown to Kincaid Park. The health of the Coastal Trail is a good measure of our success in reaching our goal of being the No. 1 city in America to live, work, and play. Developing Anchorage as a world-class winter city also means we need sensible, efficient ways to manage winter snowfall. To prevent contamination of our waterways, we need to improve the Kloep Snow Dump Facility, a large snow dump on airport land used by both the municipality and the state. Read more

Letter: Negotiation over litigation

“Discourage litigation,” advised Abraham Lincoln. “Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. As a peacemaker the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man.” In his dealings with municipal labor unions, Dan Sullivan failed to follow President Lincoln’s advice. Rather than negotiate with all of eight unions, Sullivan forced through a change to municipal labor law. One judge has already rejected Sullivan’s arguments, and now he wants the Alaska Supreme Court to weigh in. It’s too much litigation. Read more

OP-ED: Acting mayor solved problems, moved the city forward

Matt Claman, ending a six-month term as acting mayor, faced some extraordinary challenges in the role — a $17 million budget shortfall on the one hand, and the prospect of quickly applying for some $50 million in federal stimulus money on the other. Moving up from Assembly chairman to acting mayor, he did a good job meeting those challenges, despite the added distraction of campaigning for a full three-year term. He hands over the job to newly elected mayor Dan Sullivan on Wednesday and will rejoin the Anchorage Assembly. Read more